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Exam Tables

"How can exam tables make my office better?"

Most doctors ask, “How can a themed exam table make my day easier?” With an exam table from Goodtime Medical your next exam could give you the proof.

When kids visit the doctor’s office there are two things on their mind. First, am I going to get a shot? And second what do I have to do to get out of getting that shot?

Likewise, there are about two hundred things on the pediatrician’s mind. The last of those things should be, “How am I going to get this one to settle down enough to do my exam?”

With a pediatric exam table from Goodtime Medical, your direct manufacturer, little patients may not be excited to get their 3 year immunization but they will let their guard down enough to get into the exam room and start talking. Once the child is at ease the exam is that much smoother.

Kids who are relaxed are more likely to have successful treatments.

Exams and immunizations are not all. Our exam tables have been used successfully by pediatric allergists, cardiologists, ENT specialists and more. Our Exam tables are in many of the leading children’s hospitals all over the world. The resounding conclusion is that kids who are relaxed receive treatment better and kids who receive treatment better have a better chance for a healthy childhood. But, why not listen to the voice of experience:

We ordered a fire engine and the kids love it! We had a little girl who was in the fetal position, crying in her mother’s lap because she didn’t want to get her blood drawn. I talked to her, told her about our fire engine and invited her to come see it. Her eyes got as big as saucers; she kicked off her flip-flops, climbed on the table and was ready to have her blood drawn. What a win-win!

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