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Medical Scales

Medical Scales from Goodtime Medical will impress parents who notice your attention to the details. Placing their world on the best scale produced will certainly keep them coming back to visit because they will trust you care as much as they do.

Many of our customers love the look of our scales but aren’t sure that they’re right for their practice. We went to our customers and asked them how they were using our products and why they chose our scales.

Why a medical scale from Goodtime Medical?

What we found when we spoke with our customers is that while the accuracy afforded by the digital scale is awesome, they really like the thematic element it brings to their office. The giraffe pediatric scale is not all. We also manufacture a complete line of medical scales to fit any theme and to complement our themed pediatric exam tables.

Explore the possibilities for your office and call us with any questions. Thanks for visiting.

I fell in love with your adorable giraffe the first time I found it while searching on the internet for a new scale. I thought it sounded like a great idea so I ordered one. Since that time we have really expanded upon the theme. It has become so popular that one patient who moved about an hour away and still comes back just because her kids like it so much here.

Dr. Marie Sanborn

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